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Ranked Chess Player

World Chess Champion

Magnus has designed every component of this beautiful set so that you get to love the game as much as he does

The only official Magnus Carlsen chess set.

This beautiful Educational Chess Set, designed by Magnus and manufactured exclusively by SAC Chess Distribution Ltd, is an inspired collaboration between the best player in the world and the best manufacturer of chess sets in the world.

It is an educational chess set for children of all ages, from 5+ with a unique, contemporary design to appeal to adults of all ages with solid, weighted, durable plastic pieces that are comfortable to hold and easy to move.

The design compliments the highly successful Play Magnus App, now downloaded in over 200 countries.

Great Value @ £19.95

The Official Play Magnus Set Includes:


  • High quality 20” x 20” vinyl chess board with 2¼” squares
  • 32 chess pieces; The King being a towering 3¾” tall
  • Carry case with adjustable and detachable strap
  • Black and white cotton carry bags
  • Play Magnus Rule Book
  • All for just £19.95

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In love with this chess set.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

Heavy, stylishly crafted pieces nod respectfully to tradition: the height and base of the pieces are defined by the classic Staunton set.

The sleek modern design & stylish matt finish exhibit the same cool finesse that Magnus brings to the game.

Tactile Pieces

You’ll love picking them up and moving these heavy elegant crafted pieces

The Victorian green baize traditionally found on the base of chess pieces has been replaced by simple, yet defining, black and white.


Sophisticated monochromatic set; from the co-ordinated cotton bags to keep all the pieces from fighting, to the carry anywhere carry tube and rollaway board.

Chess has never been so cool.

Wow Factor

The sleek black tube with adjustable, detachable strap is practical and versatile for children of all ages.

With celebrity A-list fans such as Jay-Z, Magnus Carlsen is already the icon for ‘smart is cool’ and kids carrying the chess set over their shoulder instantly feel this too.

Travel chess set designed by Magnus Carlsen
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Magnus Carlsen launches his signature chess set

Magnus Mania In Oslo

The Launch At Ark Bokhandel

“I want you to experience my chess set. I think you’ll love it”

Magnus Carlsen; The Story So Far …

Magnus’s Childhood

  • Born in Norway, Nov. 30th 1990
  • Introduced to chess at the age of 5
  • Became an International Grandmaster at the age of 13


Number 1 chess player in the world

  • Reigning World Classical Chess Champion
  • Reigning World Blitz Chess Champion
  • Peak rating at 2882, highest in history
  • Youngest in history to be rated No.1

CBS 60 Minutes

“Magnus is the youngest number one ever. And no one can explain to you how he does what he does. It seems to come from another world, which is why he has become known as the Mozart of chess.”


The Colbert Report

Magnus was invited to the Colbert Report to discuss chess strategy, stardom, and beat Stephen 2-0 in rock-paper-scissors.


G-Star Raw

International ambassador and model together with Liv Tyler.


Time 100 – World’s Most Influential People

“Carlsen is as charismatic and independent as he is talented. If he can rekindle the world’s fascination with the royal game, we will soon be living in the Carlsen Era.”

The New Yorker

The New Yorker has done several long features about Magnus. Two examples are at the following links: The Princes GambitThe King of Chess.


Chess Life

The United States Chess federation member magazine is the world’s most widely read chess magazine. They have frequently had Magnus as their cover story.


One of the sexiest

In 2013, Cosmopolitan ranked Magnus as one of the sexiest men on the planet

“The 22-year-old Norwegian will be competing in the game’s world championships in London and we’ll definitely be getting our geek on and tuning in.”


More popular than Victoria’s Secret

During the World Championship in 2013, the GQ article “Why a billion people are watching a board game” had more clicks than their photo-shoot from the Victoria’s Secret fashion Show…


Huffington Post

Huffington Post did a piece on how the new chess world champion is more than suspenders and argyle:
“Magnus Carlsen Proves Chess Players Can Also Be Really Great Dressers In G-Star RAW Ads.”

Chaos in India…

On Nov 23, 2013, Magnus became the first World Chess Champion from the West since Bobby Fischer. The match was played in India, with Beatles-like frenzy.


Kick off Real Madrid

On his birthday, Nov 30, Magnus was invited to perform the honorary kick off at Santiago Bernabéu after the World Championship in 2013. As one of VERY FEW, re-invited again in 2014.


1 vs 10 is fair

One of many blindfolded games Magnus has done. Here, Magnus plays a blindfold simul against ten lawyers at Harvard University. The score: 10-0 for Magnus.


Friend Request from Mark

Magnus met and played chess with Mark Zuckerberg at the home of Yuri Milner. Watching the game, the chairman of Apple Inc, Arthur D. Levinson.


Gone in 12 Seconds

In January 2014, Magnus checkmated Bill Gates in 12 seconds.


Madmoves Calmson

In 2014, Magnus co-wrote a Donald Duck story, appearing in the story as the chess grandmaster Madmoves Calmson. The story is so far to be published in 10 countries.

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